Embryodynamics is available either as a free-to-install Personal Edition with ‘pay as you go’ animations or a fully customisable Corporate Edition in terms of interface, licenses, animations, payment terms and support.

Students, Professors or individuals will benefit from the simple low-cost approach of the Personal Edition; any organisation, small or large, will appreciate the flexibility of the Corporate Edition.

  Personal Edition Corporate Edition
Recommended for Students, professors, teachers, doctors, nurses, individuals Universities, organisations, medical associations
Embryodynamics Player
Number of licenses/users 1 2 and above
Cost Free Based on licenses
Availability Immediately One business day
Special customisation Yes
Compatibility Windows, Mac OS X Windows, Mac OS X
Standard installation software Yes Yes
Software updates Free, automated Free, automated
Embryodynamics Animations and Collections
Included animations 2 Up to 56
Download animations Yes
Cost of each animation $19-$169
Download collections Yes
Cost of the Embryodynamics collection $599
for all 56 animations
Animations updates Free, automated Free, automated
Help and Support
On-line knowledge base Yes Yes
Email support Yes
Support cost Free Free
Response time 1 business day 4 business hours
Payment and administration
Payment method PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex PayPal, credit card,
bank transfer
Payment security SSL encryption SSL encryption
Currency/taxes USD
(CHF without VAT)
Major currencies
(CHF without VAT)
Quotes, invoices, test versions Yes
Developing Countries rebate Eligible
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If you have any question or special request, please do contact us with either this form or directly at sales@embryodynamics.com.


Free download!

Download Embryodynamics Personal Edition for free to test it with the included Demo sample animation. Register your copy and it becomes fully functional to purchase and download additional animations.

Download Embryodynamics for Windows
Embryodynamics Setup.exe (12 MB) for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7

Download Embryodynamics for Mac OS X
Embryodynamics.dmg (35 MB) for Mac OS X 10.2 to 10.6

Genuine software

Depending of your version of Windows, you might be informed that our software is digitally signed by 'shakok sàrl' which is the operating company for Embryodynamics; this is done for your safety and guarantees that the software is genuine.

Embryodynamics software is digitally signed by 'shakok sàrl'


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