Embryodynamics at the ADACO Congress

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Embryodynamics at ADACO CongressEmbryodynamics was proud to be invited by Prof. Rodolfo Avila to the congress organised of the ADACO Asociación de Anatomistas de Córdoba, Argentina. A video of Prof. R. Krstic was shown to the participants explaining the philosophy of Embryodynamics.

Welcome Back to School!

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We’re wishing to all students and professors who are starting their new academical year good luck and a great success! To support their efforts, we’re offering for a limited time only the whole collection of 56 Embryodynamics animations for only $389 (down from $999).

Download the Windows or MacOS version of the Embryodynamics Player, install and register it — this should not take more than 2 minutes. You can then review the included free demo which contains some samples from 20 animations. To download all 56 Embryodynamics animations, click on the ‘Animations’ tab inside the Embryodynamics Player, select the All of Embryodynamics collection and proceed through the secure payment checkout. After a few minutes of download, you’ll have on your computer one of the most comprehensive repository of embryological processes to study or to teach!

Site update with testimonials

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After the initial launch of Embryodynamics, we’ve collected some encouraging testimonials which we have now included on a slightly modified version of our site (we’ve fixed some issues with the overlays/popup windows so you should be able to see all animations samples and pictures faster).

Best wishes for the New Year!

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We wish you and your loved ones a delicious New Year!
Radivoj and Alexandre

Official launch of Embryodynamics

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We’re happy to share that we’ve released today the official public version of Embryodynamics. For anyone interested in the development of tissues and organs in the human embryo, Embryodynamics is the leading source of pedagogical material for embryology, anatomy or biology in its very own unique style.

Students, professors or individual users can download the free Embryodynamics Player and purchase securely with PayPal any of the 56 individual animations, or full collections of multiple animations at a special price, to learn or teach any new material.

Universities, companies or professional associations can benefit from advanced licensing agreements and customization options and therefore share their personalized version of Embryodynamics to their fellow students, professors, employees or members.

Finally, nurses or doctors can use the simple yet didactic animations to better understand or explain complex development processes in their specialty field.

Embryodynamics runs on Windows or Mac OS X computers with minimal hardware configurations and can work off-line to review or project content if there is no access to Internet. During a limited period of time, Embryodynamics will be offered at a special launch price; start your free trial now at http://embryodynamics.com/download/ or contact us at sales@embryodynamics.com!

Feedback from the first test

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The initial feedback we have received from our early testers group was positive — the software installs correctly both on Windows and Mac OS X, it is stable and in general works fine. There were a few valid comments about the initial application startup and the navigation, and we’re currently amending this. We’re on track for a public release in a couple of weeks from now! In the meantime, we’re running yet another round of animations quality check.

Progress with the software

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During the last days, we’ve been contacting a few people to test an early preview of Embryodynamics software in order to collect their initial impression. The good news is that their feedback is positive and that the software behaves correctly; there are still a few bugs to cleared and a couple of improvements in the user experience to be added. Meanwhile, we’re also polishing the animations, ensuring consistency between all of them and checking the scientific vocabulary. All that leads us on a good path for an official release in the upcoming weeks!

Bios of Radivoj and Alexandre

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As we’re reviewing the last bits of content and code, we’re cleaning up our work and are planning to release the new version of the Embryodynamics software in a couple of weeks time for the second wave of public beta. In the meantime, we’ve just added the bios of Radivoj and Alexandre who are both behind the Embryodynamics project.

Download of the Embryodynamics Public Beta

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Since we’re working hard on a new release of the Embryodynamics Player application, we’ve decided to take down the link for the previous version which is now way outdated.
The new release will always work in the same way, is more stable and will include some new important features, like downloading of animations within the Player. If you’re willing to take part in a second batch of large-scale tests, we’re looking for volunteers! Fill in this form and we may contact you to help us search for that last bug.

Mais où est la version française du site?

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Elle n’est pas très loin mais nous avons du faire des choix et, le temps étant compté, nous avons opté pour lancer d’abord cette version anglophone. Vous noterez que les animations et leurs légendes ne sont pour l’instant qu’elles aussi disponibles en anglais uniquement. Nous nous attaquerons à la localisation du site et des animations (tâche titanesque!) dès que nous pourrons assurer une qualité de travail à la hauteur de la version anglaise.
Dans tous les cas, si vous laissez un commentaire en français, nous vous comprendrons et aurons plaisir à vous répondre aussi en français. Und… ist Deutsch auch möglich? Ja, sicher!

Free download!

Download Embryodynamics Personal Edition for free to test it with the included Demo sample animation. Register your copy and it becomes fully functional to purchase and download additional animations.

Download Embryodynamics for Windows
Embryodynamics Setup.exe (12 MB) for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7

Download Embryodynamics for Mac OS X
Embryodynamics.dmg (35 MB) for Mac OS X 10.2 to 10.6


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